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About us

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Mission Statement:


Provide to principals a level of technical sales & marketing superior to that of a dedicated direct sales force.

Provide to customers a level of responsiveness, service and consultative knowledge that would be expected of a paid consultant.

Operate with integrity and an eye to the interest of all parties involved.


NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, MS and FL

Meet the team

Charles Grizzle.jpg

Charles Grizzle

  • Bachelor of Physics from North Georgia College

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

  • 20+ years of technical sales and management experience in both Manufacturer’s Rep, and Direct Sales environments.

  • Multi-decade track record of compounded annual sales growth of 10%+ based on technical competence, customer knowledge and disciplined sales execution


Shane Grizzle.jpg

Shane Grizzle

  • Dual Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance from Georgia Gwinnett College

  • 5+ years of technical sales 

  • Solid reputation for working with clients on fulfilling their equipment and product needs, allowing them to achieve their goals and complete their projects

  • Strong ability to develop strategies to sustain and hit goals. 


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